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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lush Review - Gnome Name Bubble Bar

Oh yeah I am still going through the Lush X-Mas items and let me tell you, I have found one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Overseas, this one is called Gnome Name, in Australia, each store gave it their own name, my store dubbed it Gromit. Yes, Gromit. I think this little baby is so cute! Its a little gnome/elf looking character with chocolate bud eyes, ADORABLE! It smells sweet and magnificent... kind of like it is in the scent family of the Cinders bath ballistic. Very sweet, very Christmas-y and eatable! 

What do Lush say? "fruity, spicy, bath of bright orangy red water and fluffy snow-like bubbles." What do I say? SPOT ON LUSH! The water went that burnt orange/red colour and I felt like I was lying down being covered with a blanket (or three) of bubbles! They were big and there were so many of them, it was great!

The bubbles lasted longer than any other bubbles in my Lush baths have lasted! The scent once in the bath, not very strong. 

I only needed to use one third of this bubble bar and it may have been more than enough!


Would I repurchase? Yes! Lucky I have another one I haven't touched yet :D


Monday, January 11, 2010

Ins and Outs Number 1

With my revamped blog it is time to refresh my Ins and Outs posts! I will try to do one each month, maybe more regularly, we will see! But they do NOT have to be beauty related which is the beauty of them (hehe)! I may talk about food, weather, tv, movies... you get the pictures!


1. Cloudless days, perfect blue sky. This has been the case the last 2 days here on the Gold Coast. It is my idea of a perfect Summer. I have been down to the pool so much lately just to lay out and float around, today I even took a book down with me for a little added relaxation. The picture above is of the Gold Coast, just to give you an idea ;-)

2. Reading, reading and more reading. Being on holidays is the perfect time to read. I love having no work or uni and spending my days with a great book. I am currently reading "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simmons and it is a beautiful story recommended to me by many people. It is in the top 100 stories and I recommend ordering it ASAP! If you love to read then this is a must have, especially anyone loving a love story.

3. Tennis. I don't play tennis, I would probably be terrible at it but I LOVE to watch it and that is exactly why I am SO excited to be going to Melbourne in one week for the Australian Open! I have been spending so much time looking up places to stay, flights etc. It is going to be a trip with the bf and one or two friends and we are going to stay in a hostel and just have a fun time meeting new people and watching some quality tennis. Not to mention, I hope I get to meet Andy Roddick, I've met him 2 years ago so it is time for a reunion.

4. Smokey Eyes. The look that I am wearing in my NYE look a few posts back, has become my fave look of the moment. I have repeated it already and know it is a go to look. It is fast, cheap and fun to do and looks great! (Will definitely be taking those products with me to Melbourne)!


1. Unhealthy eating. Omg I have been on carb overload lately. Pasta pasta pasta. Being vegan means I eat a lot of carbs and it is okay to do this but not when it means I skip the veges! I need to be eating veges A LOT to ensure I get all of my vitamins and all of those fabulous nutrients. So it is out with the spaghetti and in with the soups and stirfrys which to me is just as yummy!

2. Hot weather. I loooove the great weather and the fact I can go down to the pool, but beyond that the heat is ridiculous. I know some of you are stuck in snow covered places and are waiting for it to go away and wish to have some of my weather, but wow it can really hold you back. Try sweating to the point it can drip from you. (GROSS). Try walking outside to check the mail and coming back and needing air con ASAP. It makes you not want to leave the house and it is uncontrollable. If I was cold at least I can pile on the clothes and blankets, but when your hot you cant keep taking them all off!

3. The Mother-In-Law. Im not married, but the bf's mum calls me a daughter-in-law so she deserves to be called the mother-in-law. She was visiting for 3 weeks in our apartment and now has gone back home to Denmark. I loved having her here, she is great company and we have SO much in common. Though now she has gone it is back to regular life.

Thats then end of this long post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and look forward to some more!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lush Review - Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

It may be after Christmas but that is no problem for me... I could use this particular product over and over. It is the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar by Lush. 
Lush describe it as a Jasmine and Ylang Ylang scented bubble bar that will use its calming scents to help anyone get to sleep, thus being perfect to use on Christmas Eve when those eager children can't sleep.

I just had a nice bath and decided to give this product a go on a relaxing night in at home. 
I broke about one third of the bar and crumbled it under the water. The water immediately started to turn a gorgeous baby blue and then filled up with snowy bubbles. 
The scents filled up around my bath and made is so relaxing to be in.
I grabbed a book and lay back for half an hour and enjoyed it! I did not want to get out!

This was such a nice bubble bar. It definitely created an abundance of big bubbles and created a great scent that is appropriate for an evening/before bed bath.

I would repurchase this one in a heartbeat. 


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in the New Year and an FOTN

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so ready for 2010 and so many things are contributing to a fresh start. Before I get into some resolutions etc I will do a little FOTN (Face Of The Night) from my New Years Eve for you all. I have scraped up a couple of the "better" pictures.

I had a lovely night with my boyfriend out and about it town. First we went and lost some money at the casino (oops) and then we went together to watch the midnight fireworks on the beach surrounded by thousands of people and it was such a beautiful night!

As for my makeup, I took the opportunity to opt for a bit more of a celebratory look. I really wish I took pictures with my eyes closed as I was really happy with the result.

I am rocking a smokey eye using:
NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Slate" and "Cottage Cheese"
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
Mac Fluidline "Blacktrack"
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes in "Intensifying"

I went for a nice and simple face using"

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in "NW25"
Nars Bronzer in "Casino"
Mac Blush in "Dollymix"

Simple pink lips using:
Revlon Matte Lipstick in "Pink Pout"

Now its time to talk a little about the New Year. I have a few resolutions I will share and I would love to read yours in the comments or maybe you have a blog post already on this and can link it to me!

- Work hard on my new channel and blog. Regular posts and videos!
- Embrace the vegan lifestyle with cooking new meals all the time and researching it more.
- Work harder at my last year in uni and not only pass, but make good grades.
- Save money for travelling!
- Lose weight (of course) by regular trips to the gym and eating well.

I wish everyone a great 2010 and hope you stick to your resolutions!