Monday, June 20, 2011

My Vintage Blazer

Last night I went for dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood (btw that was an amazing restaurant and not too expensive unless you add cocktails to your order because they are more than the food!) and walking back down Hollywood Boulevard I walked past a vintage store called Iguana Vintage Clothing. Now I had no intention of going inside to have a look but this beautiful blue blazer on the mannequin looked so nice I just had to check it out! 

Without too much thought I got the sales assistant to take it off the mannequin for me and I tried it on, perhaps a little small around the waist area especially after gaining some American Holiday weight :S it still sat nicely and looked sharp. 

Now the gorgeous shade of blue which you can see on the outside is not the only thing that makes this a pretty piece for my wardrobe, the lovely pale pink lining on the inside is gorgeous and had me sold. I wore it today with the sleeves rolled up once to give a flash of the pink and to make it feel a little bit more casual.

This is my first ever vintage piece  I am adding to my wardrobe and will certainly not be my last! I started this vacation with zero blazers and will now go home with three, the others are from H&M and I don't dare go into Zara because the blazers in there are to die for. 

Do you have any vintage pieces you have found that are new loves in your life???

Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Tiffany and Co
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Jay Jays
Nail Polish - From a nail salon, don't know the brand or colour name!

Photos taken inside my hotel room at the Roosevelt Hotel - Hollywood

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Huge Sephora Haul

After years of watching people in the US show what they purchased at Sephora I finally had the opportunity this afternoon to have my own visit in store. I had a few things on my shopping list and the others I picked up on impulse which led me to spend more than intended! My excuse? We don't have Sephora in Australia! 

What did I get?
- Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial Mask
- Clarisonic Mia in white
- Benefit trio
- Urban Decay Naked Palette 
- Sephora Foundation Brush
- Bare Escentuals Gold Face Powder
- Buxom Lip Crayon
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Expect some reviews on these products! 

Sorry for the delay of posts while im on holiday :) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Mac Eyeshadow Palette

The other day I posted my Mac Blush Palette post which you can view here. I have been sharing with you girls the top picks I have brought away with me on my 4 week overseas holiday. Similarly to my blush palettes, I also have 2 Mac shadow palettes at home full of a variety of different colours. But this post is going to show you my favourites that I have put together in the one palette for this trip!

You can see that predominately I love neutrals and being realistic to what I am more likely to reach for this holiday, I have stuck with the neutrals and left 1 bright colour! The varity of colours I have included allow me to do anything from a simple day time look to a dramatic evening smokey eye!

Now lets get to the colours! In order of appearance left to right : 
Top Row : Antiqued, Satin Taupe, Carbon, Shale, Naked Lunch
Middle Row : All That Glitters, Smoke & Diamonds, Sable, Retrospeck, Mystery
Bottom Row : Honey Lust, Cork, Crystal Avalanche, Steamy, Texture

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Party Look - Makeup and Outfit

It's that time of the year where even though it is cold(ish) back home in Australia, the weather here in Copenhagen, and I am sure most of Europe, is lovely and many people are having Summer parties. Now the outfit below might be more for a cooler evening party but the makeup I have chosen is perfect for any day time Summer party, or maybe you're just going shopping!

Face : 
Revlon Photo Ready Foundation (Medium Beige)
Mac Studio Fix Powder (C3)
Chanel Tan de Soleil (TIP: I apply this after my foundation and before my powder. I use the powder to help buff it in and make it look like more of a natural tan/contour, I will do a post on this)
Nars Albatross Highlighter
Nars Orgasm Blush

 Eyes : 
Mac Perky Paint Pot
Mac eyeshadows in : All that Glitters, Naked Lunch and Mystery to darken the outer corner
Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eyeliner
Diorshow Extase Mascara
Eyelashed curled with Shisheido eyelash curler

On the lips I am wearing Chanel Sirop Glossimer 

The outfit is a little more warmer than your typical Summer party dress, but this makes it wearable for a nice cool Summer evening, or even an Autumn/Spring look during another time of the year. 
I ended up pairing this with a silver pair of sandles.

Top/H&M Jeans/Jay Jays

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Glitzy Glam Waffle Weave Makeup Bag

Now I have had this lovely addition for over a year now and I thought it was about time I got around to sharing my views on it with you all! 
So we all know who Elle and Blair are right? And we all know about their online store Glitzy Glam? Well it is full of all sorts of cute personalized girly things that make great gifts to your friends  to your self! 
I was a bit hesitant to purchase something off the site at first because I was skeptical about the quality and of course just skeptical about the entire website! But I realy really really wanted one of these makeup bags so I took the plunge and look what I got!

I love that I pretty much designed the look of my bag. You can choose a colour combo, the font you want, the pattern on your ribbon, if you want your entire name or just an initial and I saw that you can also choose between the waffle weave and terry (which was not an option when I ordered this a while back!)

I went with Black & White because I really do love all things plain and pretty. The colours are classic and to be honest I get bored of pink sometimes and I am a bit too old for a polka dot ribbon (though I don't dare judge if you're older and like them!)

Now one hugeeeee benefit of this make up bag? It's not just a makeup bag! Its a ginormous makeup bag that you could fit enough crap in there to weigh down a hippo. It is certainly big enough to fit one of those 88 palettes, you can see from my pictures I have 2 mac palettes in there plus all my other bits and pieces that I need for 4 weeks of travel! 

The lining on the inside makes it very easy to clean, after over a year of use I think I ought to do something about cleaning mine! But all in all I am very impressed with the quality of the product and I can see me using this for years to come (and holiday after holiday)!

What more is there to say?! I recommend it as a gift to yourself or a gift for a girlfriend or sister or even Mum!  In terms of shipping etc, I received it from USA to Australia in less than 2 weeks, it came gorgeous wrapped in clear plastic with a bow on it like a gift and service has been great. I also was emailing them about another product they used to have listed and I think it was Elle and Blairs Mum who was responding and she was very prompt and extremely helpful! 

You can purchase the makeup bag HERE.

My Mac Blush Palette

For this holiday, it was hard to choose which blushes I wanted to bring along with me! Last year I threw in my makeup bag lots of individual blushes from a variety of companies, and yeah it was variety, but it was not convenience. Which is exactly what Mac Palettes are, a convenient way of storing your blushes! You can either buy them already in the pan, or depot them yourself and then store them in the palettes!

In my entire makeup collection, I have 2 palettes, so this also meant I got to mix and match what colours came along with me! (If I am completely honest, I also brought my Nars Albatross/Orgasm duo with me because that blush never fails to disappoint and I wanted that highlighter!)

From left to right in order of the blush palette!
Top Row : Peachykeen, Pink Swoon & Plumfoolery
Bottom Row : Ambering Rose, Springsheen & Ladyblush (creme) 

Top Row : Ambering Rose & Peachykeen
Middle Row : Springsheen & Pink Swoon
Bottom Row : Ladyblush (creme) & Plumfoolery

And there you have it! My top Mac blushes! I am going to try and do a lot of FOTD/FOTN's over time and show you the colours in action.

P.S I am always on the hunt for new colours to add! What are your recommendations?!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet my Longchamp Le Pliage (Large)

About a week before I left to come overseas, I wanted a new bag to bring with me, any excuse will do ;)
I had been eyeing the Longchamp Le Pliage for a while on various blogs. Some of my favourite blogs to read are European fashion blogs belonging to women who have a very classic and chic style. This bag is a popular one among these blogs and after seeing it used in various looks, I knew I needed to get one. 

The next question was which colour would I choose? This bag comes in black, white, red, green, light blue, navy blue (like mine), patterned versions, even Kate Moss has a line out. Since the majority of my bags are either black, white or cream, navy seemed like the perfect choice. Even though now I am wishing I went with the black because navy can be hard to match!

 In many ways, when you look at the bag at first glance, it can look a bit plain or boring or even a bit old ladyish, but I love that it is classic and these bags are meant to last for years and years. I have already decided that this will not be my last Longchamp bag! 


What are your thoughts on the Le Pliage? 

Monday, May 30, 2011

21st Birthday Dress

By coincidence I found the perfect dress for my Birthday in Las Vegas in Zara the other day! I was in there in a complete rush, I had the boyfriend with me you said "no trying on anything, we are just here to buy a scarf"! When he lays down the rules shopping, I stick with them, but when he saw this dress, he allowed me to bend the rules because it caught his eye at the same time it caught mine! 

Cue picture here : (image from Zara)

Now what I love about this dress is the pleated design. Even though it is white around the stomach area, I am still going to be able to enjoy a big meal for my Birthday dinner and you wont be able to see it ;)
The black and white colouring is timeless and classic. Neutral colours have become a new favourite of mine and this is dress fits that perfectly. 

I plan to wear it with some sort of black heels or wedges and my hair curled and maybe if I am brace, a lovely red lip. Perhaps Viva Glam Cyndi?

Some of my own pics...

I look forward to sharing some pics from the night of my birthday which is just over 1 week away!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Europe time again!

I am sitting here in a cosy apartment in Copenhagen thinking about how long it has been since I have written a blog post. With all the duty free shopping I have already done and I am going to do, especially when I get to Vegas in a couple of weeks, I am going to have so much to share with you all.

To start the posts off again, here are some pictures showing you what I have been getting up to in this beautiful city... 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Huge Lush Haul - New Years Sale

My YouTube channel has been terribly neglected in the past 6 months. I have had an itch to get back into videos and had so many things I have wanted to film about! 
I bought so many Lush items in the past couple of weeks in the sales and felt guilty if I didn't do a video! 

Here is the video and see below for a list of items I bought! 

Items I purchased:
Snow Globe Soap
Bohemian Soap
Sexy Peel Soap
Vanilla in the Mist Soap
Nou Bar Soap
Angels Delight Soap
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
I Should Coco Soap
Glogg Shower Gel
Grass Shower Gel
Happy Hippy Shower Gel
Juicy Liquid Shampoo
Marilyn Conditioner
Candy Cane Bubble Bar
Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
Creme Anglaise Body Lotion
Running to the Embassy Body Butter
You Snap the Whip Body Butter
Snow Fairy Lip Tint
Lip Dip
Bubblegum Lip Treatment
Coulour Supplmement - Dark Pink

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Essie Lilacism - Swatch & Review

This is my polish of choice for the start of the New Year. It is the gorgeous Lilacism by Essie. As the name suggests, it is a lovely shade of lilac. 

This polish goes on extremely smooth, one coat gives you a sheer lilac and two coats give you the creamy luscious finish. 

I find this colour is very pastel and pretty for spring/summer, as we are in right now in Australia, but could also be a pop of colour to any winter outfit.

I adore this polish and highly  recommend it to anyone who loves their pretty pastels, or just wants a nice lilac in their collection. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions & Happy 2011

So it's that time of the year, the beginning of the year, where we make promises to ourself which we hope  to keep throughout the duration of the year. In light to this, I am going to share my resolutions from the different aspects of my life with you and this is the first post of many to come this year, this month, this week. :)

- Maintain my blog regularly and this means daily posts or every other day. - No more studies means time to get blogging!
- Have a variety of posts, from fashion, hauling, reviews and swatches.

You Tube:
- I'm planning, fingers crossed, to film a HUGE Lush haul tomorrow. It should be massive and this will be the first to regular videos again.

- Lose weight! Sorry to be predictable but this will be the biggest challenge for me this year. I am going to be celebrating my 21st birthday in Vegas with my family, and ultimately I want to be wearing a lovely dress that can be fitted if I want it to be with out worry of showing any of those gross lumps and bumps!
- Eat in moderation. This goes hand in hand with weight loss. I need to learn to have smaller portions, and enjoy my guilty pleasures on the rare occasion. 
- Much. Less. Salt. I am addicted to salt. It goes on everything I eat and in everything I cook. 
- Exercise daily. This includes swimming in my pool, swimming and walking at the beach, using the treadmill that sits in my lounge room, trying bikram yoga and setting up my X Box Kinect Your Shape!

- Change it up. No getting stuck in ruts with my makeup, its time to experiment and then blog about it.
- Buy products which I don't have anything similar to and once again, experiment.
- Follow my skincare routine TWICE  a day, no exceptions!
- Make my hair into the silkiness it has potential to have, like my Mums!

- Go to new places.
- Do things I wouldn't normally do, like snorkel in Fiji (give me 13 days and I'll be there)

And most importantly, have fun, stress less and enjoy life!