Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions & Happy 2011

So it's that time of the year, the beginning of the year, where we make promises to ourself which we hope  to keep throughout the duration of the year. In light to this, I am going to share my resolutions from the different aspects of my life with you and this is the first post of many to come this year, this month, this week. :)

- Maintain my blog regularly and this means daily posts or every other day. - No more studies means time to get blogging!
- Have a variety of posts, from fashion, hauling, reviews and swatches.

You Tube:
- I'm planning, fingers crossed, to film a HUGE Lush haul tomorrow. It should be massive and this will be the first to regular videos again.

- Lose weight! Sorry to be predictable but this will be the biggest challenge for me this year. I am going to be celebrating my 21st birthday in Vegas with my family, and ultimately I want to be wearing a lovely dress that can be fitted if I want it to be with out worry of showing any of those gross lumps and bumps!
- Eat in moderation. This goes hand in hand with weight loss. I need to learn to have smaller portions, and enjoy my guilty pleasures on the rare occasion. 
- Much. Less. Salt. I am addicted to salt. It goes on everything I eat and in everything I cook. 
- Exercise daily. This includes swimming in my pool, swimming and walking at the beach, using the treadmill that sits in my lounge room, trying bikram yoga and setting up my X Box Kinect Your Shape!

- Change it up. No getting stuck in ruts with my makeup, its time to experiment and then blog about it.
- Buy products which I don't have anything similar to and once again, experiment.
- Follow my skincare routine TWICE  a day, no exceptions!
- Make my hair into the silkiness it has potential to have, like my Mums!

- Go to new places.
- Do things I wouldn't normally do, like snorkel in Fiji (give me 13 days and I'll be there)

And most importantly, have fun, stress less and enjoy life!

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