Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hi everyone!
Lately I have been on a blogging spree and posting almost everyday! I don't plan to stop this anytime soon either, I love blogging! But apart from this I have also been reading so many blogs too and therefore it is time to do a post about the blogs I love!

Stefanie is a fellow Aussie blogger and has a fantastic blog. She does regular product reviews, especially on perfume. She also has talented looks posted and she sets her self challenges such as the "50 days of lip products" challenge!

This is a great blog for variety. You get fashion, makeup, gossip and the odd recipe here too. And on top of that, it is updated daily!

Sabrina, who writes this blog, has been a good friend of mine for over a year now. I even got to meet up with her on a recent trip to London and go shopping together!
Her blog is full of reviews, great drugstore finds, fashion posts, hauls and on top of that little creative pieces which Sabrina makes herself! A must have on your blog list!

Faye has such a cute blog! The blog has hauls, product swatches/reviews, fashion posts and really cute posts and pictures! Definitely a great read and place to visit!

So that is it for this installment. As I have more and more recommendations, you will see more posts like this one! I think this is the best way to find new blogs!
Happy following girls!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Rimmel 'Airy Fairy' Lipstick

This was definitley a YouTube made me do it lipstick as I have seen it in various videos and on various blogs too. I have to admit this lipstick would be in my top 5 lipsticks EVER. It is a nice mauve/pink colour and the consistency on this product is amazingly creamy. I find that so many of my lipsticks show up and dry skin cells I may have whereas the creaminess of this one covers it completely. And best of all you can find it for under $10 in your local drugstore. Way to go Rimmel! I think I might branch out and try another colour!
To see this lipstick in a FOTD click here. 

Do you own this colour? Have you tried and other Rimmel lipsticks?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coral Crepe Paint Pot as a Cream Blush

I know a lot of people picked up the gorgeous Coral Crepe Paintpot from Mac's Pret-a-papier collection so I thought this post might be useful. When rushing to do my makeup one day I pulled out this paint pot and insted of putting it on my eyes, I realised that it would be a lovely blush colour too! So I got it on my finger and started blending it in and Voila! I had a lovely coral sheen on my cheeks that no blush I have could ever match! 
I love making products I already have more versatile, the only problem is this colour is Limetid Edition so if I use it too often I will run out!

What do you think of this idea?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Benefit Eye Bright

When I was in London I was lucky enough to be there when Glamour magazine were having the Benefit giveaway. I of course bought all three magazines and got the three different pencils. I am going to be reviewing each one and to start with I chose Eye Bright which primarily brightens your eyes making you look more away.
Lets take a look at the packaging:

Swatched onto my skin it comes out a very pearly white. I think it is comparible to Milk or  Cottage Cheese by NYX though they are back in Australia and I can't show you.

I find it can be worn three ways. As an inner corner highlight and on the water line to brighten your eyes and it is also a quick simple brow highlight that you can easiƦy rub in with your finger when you are in a rush. I wore nothing but som mascara and the Eye Bright in the following photo to give you an idea.

On it retails for US $20 which I find to be a bit overpriced. In the end it really is just an oversized white eye pencil with a pearly finish. If you have the money to spend then why not buy it but if you can grab an NYX jumbo pencil then take that one instead. But I do like the idea of an eye brightening pencil and I think it can definitley make you look fresh and awake.
Here is a FOTD for you as well:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation mixed with Dior Skin Nude Foundation
Mac Powder
Nars Casino Bronzer
Mac Dollymix Blush
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
Benefit Eye Bright
Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Romantic Getaway Booked - Brighton

My lack of FOTD's and other beauty oriented posts has been limited due to the fact I am at Roskilde Festival in Denmark so these posts have been pre-schduled (though I do get to check my internet everyday)!

Even though I did a 24 hour trip to London the other week, I have now booked a romantic getaway trip with the boyfriend to Brighton for 2 nights!

We are visiting it as a perspective place we may move to next year. It is also heaven if you are vegan as there are so many restaurants and health food shops there!

Has anyone been there before and do you have any recommendations on what to do there?


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Revlon Pink Nude - The Perfect Manicure Colour

This colour was purchased along side Revlon's Minted which you can see my swatch here. Unlike my dislike for that colour I am in LOVE with this one. I declare it the perfect Manicure colour... ehem manicure, this is not one that works on my toes but instead works fabulously on the nails.

Ths colour is great when my acrylics are growing out as from a bit of distance the colour blends well with the natural nail colour.
It is also as the name says, a pink nude and I would say slightly peachy too.

I will be pulling this one out a lot.

Do you recommend any other colours similar to this one? Nutural nails are a new obsession :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Camping at a rock festival - Camping Essentials

This past week (Since last Sunday) I have been camping and living the rough life at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Most of my posts have been pre-scheduled (including this one).
Basically it is an 8 day festival with 5 days of partying before the bands even start and you sleep in tents and use port-a-loos and dont get to shower. But I am lucky to have a boyfriend with as much eagerness as me to come back to Copenhagen every other day to refresh and take showers and wash clothes! I am hoping once I see the bands it will all be worth it, but I am not that a big music freak either. I am looking forward to seeing Gorillaz, Jack Johnson, Muse, The Prodigy and perhaps Prince if I can be bothered!
I thought this would be a good time to share with you my camping essentials and what products are making camping survibale.

1. Sun Protection.
Here is a picture of me at the festival with my sun hat, awesome heart sunglasses (h&m) and a background of tents. Also the had is double as good because if your hair is looking awful, no one can tell!

Also listed under this category would be sunscreen! Sitting out in the sun all day is dangerous and deadly in Australia and I bring this caution with me all over the world. A good 30 plus sunscreen is recommended. I like Garniers because it is so milky and smooth, though I am on the look out for a cruelty free one.

2. Hair Emergency
If you can't get to a shower and you are living in hot dirty conditions, your hair gets unusually gross. This is where Batiste becomes a saviour. I love this dry shampoo and it honestly is one of the best inventions to woman.

3. A Bath in a Wipe
So you know those lovely wipes you use each night before bed to remove your makeup? Well when camping they become your bath. I have been using them up to 4 times a day to refresh my skin from head to toe. Some slightly scented ones are best! Johnsons make a good one.

Im sure there are many other female essentials to bring camping but these are priority on the list! These are probably priority on any Summer holiday!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Revlon Minted

I purchased this colour during my trip to London and I must say I am uncertain if I am a big fan or not. Since the mint colour phase started back last Spring I have been excited to get my hands on a mint polish. In Australia brands like Barry M and the new Revlon colours are unavailable so once in the UK I picked up this colour by Revlon and Barry M's Mint Green (I am sure a swatch is soon to follow for that one too).
After wearing this colour for a while I must say its not that great. I don't particularly think it suits me, I tend to think of mould when I look at my nails.
But in saying this, I will definitely bring this colour out again in the future and give it another try!
P.S Swatches are on acrylic nails. I am also undecided about these at the moment too. All thoughts are welcome.