Friday, July 2, 2010

Camping at a rock festival - Camping Essentials

This past week (Since last Sunday) I have been camping and living the rough life at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Most of my posts have been pre-scheduled (including this one).
Basically it is an 8 day festival with 5 days of partying before the bands even start and you sleep in tents and use port-a-loos and dont get to shower. But I am lucky to have a boyfriend with as much eagerness as me to come back to Copenhagen every other day to refresh and take showers and wash clothes! I am hoping once I see the bands it will all be worth it, but I am not that a big music freak either. I am looking forward to seeing Gorillaz, Jack Johnson, Muse, The Prodigy and perhaps Prince if I can be bothered!
I thought this would be a good time to share with you my camping essentials and what products are making camping survibale.

1. Sun Protection.
Here is a picture of me at the festival with my sun hat, awesome heart sunglasses (h&m) and a background of tents. Also the had is double as good because if your hair is looking awful, no one can tell!

Also listed under this category would be sunscreen! Sitting out in the sun all day is dangerous and deadly in Australia and I bring this caution with me all over the world. A good 30 plus sunscreen is recommended. I like Garniers because it is so milky and smooth, though I am on the look out for a cruelty free one.

2. Hair Emergency
If you can't get to a shower and you are living in hot dirty conditions, your hair gets unusually gross. This is where Batiste becomes a saviour. I love this dry shampoo and it honestly is one of the best inventions to woman.

3. A Bath in a Wipe
So you know those lovely wipes you use each night before bed to remove your makeup? Well when camping they become your bath. I have been using them up to 4 times a day to refresh my skin from head to toe. Some slightly scented ones are best! Johnsons make a good one.

Im sure there are many other female essentials to bring camping but these are priority on the list! These are probably priority on any Summer holiday!


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