Thursday, July 1, 2010

Revlon Minted

I purchased this colour during my trip to London and I must say I am uncertain if I am a big fan or not. Since the mint colour phase started back last Spring I have been excited to get my hands on a mint polish. In Australia brands like Barry M and the new Revlon colours are unavailable so once in the UK I picked up this colour by Revlon and Barry M's Mint Green (I am sure a swatch is soon to follow for that one too).
After wearing this colour for a while I must say its not that great. I don't particularly think it suits me, I tend to think of mould when I look at my nails.
But in saying this, I will definitely bring this colour out again in the future and give it another try!
P.S Swatches are on acrylic nails. I am also undecided about these at the moment too. All thoughts are welcome.



  1. i think it looks lovely! but i agree, when i first started wearing the mint green colour nail varnishes i was really unsure of it! now im so in love with them :)


  2. I love mint nail polishes. I had the same reaction at first but I really warmed up to it. Minted is hard to find over here in the states.