Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scarves OOTD and 'For Audrey' by China Glaze

Here is a bit of an OOTD.
I purchased this gorgeous blue scarf last week and jump at the oppurtunity to wear it. It really can pull an outfit together and I think it adds a touch of femininity and class to a simple look. 

I paired it with a high waisted floral skirt, a tight black top, a black cardigan with scrunchy (correct word?) sleeves and  pair of bslck havainas! 

Skirt: Valley Girl
Top: Valley Girl
Cardigan: Valley Girl
Scarf: Cotton On
(I promise my entire wardrobe is not just from Valley Girl but they have cute stuff!)

Also I am so happy to finally have gotten my hands on 'For Audrey' by China Glaze.

Such a pretty colour!



  1. I love that color nail polish! I am new to beauty blogging and you seem like such a nice person. Add my blog if you like :)

  2. lovely color :)......who won the sigma brushes giveaway?????