Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exams. Graduation. Stress.

Oh how I wish I could spend my evenings putting together fabulous desserts right now... chocolate cake, cookies, pie... all vegan of course. Instead I am doing the backward meaning and I am stressing out!

In the next few weeks I have FOUR exams and one assignment due. At the end of this I'll be finished my semester and also finished university forever. OMG. I can't believe I am about to graduate, this is crazy!

Basically, this blog has a lot in stall for any date after the 18th November. After that final exam, me and my new laptop (on her way to me in the mail) will be blogging a lot and recording new You Tube videos! I have a list so long of products to review, makeup tutorial series and more which I am excited to get out to you all! But for now priority numero uno is to succeed in my exams and graduate with my Bachelor of Journalism. And then who knows... I know that working and saving the $$$ is the next step to get overseas again!

But I promise, there is going to be a bombardment of posts coming in less than a month!!!


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