Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interviewing on the Red Carpet...

I had such a fabulous night a couple of weeks ago doing the red carpet interviews for the opening night of the Gold Coast Film Festival. It was a fantastic evening with the opening film and the after party. I have been interning with a PR company here throughout the semester and this night she threw me in the deep end to interview the stars on camera. A lot of you wont know the stars as they are mostly Australia, a lot of Home and Away and Neighbors actors and more, but an actor some of you may know is Xavier Samuels from Eclipse. Photo below.

The red carpet seemed to be testosterone filled and there weren't many female stars there showing off there looks, however this actress looks fabulous in her nude heels and her skirt and tucked in top combo.

After a nervous evening acting like a bit of an entertainment journalist, I got to attend the after party, have a champagne and then go home and write up some stories. 
This was also the premiere night for my clip in extensions, which you can't really see but I will do a separate on those! 
Just thought I'd share my lovely evening with you! And welcome any new followers! Look forward to frequent posts now I have finished with my degree.

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