Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hair Treatments

This post is very much in relation to my last post where I discussed those nights which you dedicate to yourself and just pamper away. Well this time on my Sunday afternoon/evening I decided to treat me hair to ... a treatment :) 
I am just going to show you my steps to treating my hair. Simple but I thought why not blog about it right?

Below is my hair on day number 3 after washing, getting really tangly and looking a bit dry. 

First I am going to choose my treatment product of choice. It really is up to you. I chose Lush's American Cream conditioner (you can use any conditioner as a leave in treatment) and squeezed a size about what is shown below. 

P.S You can use anything you have on hand as conditioner. I also use Lush's REAL leave in conditioners,coconut oil and drugstore leave in treatments. 

Start working the conditioner through the ends of your hair. Run your fingers through the tips and make sure they are all damp and covered in product! Looking something like this:

Squeeze some more product about the same as before and work this through the back of your hair and any other areas that are dry. I very rarely put the product throughout my roots, as my hair gets oily easy and I like to keep this dry! Below is my hair with the product through it.

Time to tuck that hair away for a while. I put mine in a bun, as seen below, or you can clip it up, put a shower cap over it or just leave it out! The point is mainly to have it out of your way for the next half hour - couple of hours before washing it out!

Go off an do your thing. Maybe you will run yourself a bath, play Sims 3 (like me), study, workout? Whatever! 

I want to know what leave in treatments you all use! Do you like natural products, drugstore? Maybe you have some expensive ones that you swear by! Let me know!



  1. Great post! I love hair treatments too. Just a little tip I've learned about these- if you dampen and towel dry your hair first before you pop on a treatment it works 100 times better as your hair is more pourous when it's wet, therefor soaking up more of the goodness : )

  2. I really like the fact that the Head Organics products are eco- friendly , and environmentally focused. They use sustainable, recycled or recyclable plastics, papers and cardboards to package their products. Their bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET plastic (resin code 1).Caps, pumps and dispensers are made from 100% recyclable PP plastic (resin code 5). Their unit cartons are made from 75% post consumer waste, printed with soy ink and 100% recyclable. They ship with only sustainable materials. Good for you, good for the environment, I like that kind of philosophy.

  3. Now, don't get me wrong. The shampoo and conditioner was 20 bucks for both and the product I bought was 20 but that didn't bother me. Like I said, products last me for a good chunk of time so it was cool. But that only accounted for 40 bucks of my bill. Really? So it costs me 180 to get my hair and eyebrows done! The color was 79, the cut was 45. And the kicked is, she actually cut 10% off of the price. I understand you have to charge what the house says when you work for them and your not renting a station but yikes! I was so taken aback I really didn't know what to do. I mean, could I really say I'm not paying that much and walk away. And, I knew she was working for a salon so I could have check out their prices.

  4. This treatment leaves your hair smooth and shiny. It's the safest procedure to straighten frizzy and curly hair.

  5. I have tried using hair treatment when my hair was damaged. Well, it really works!