Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ins and Outs

It has been a while since I have uploaded a video or done a blog post! Lately my camera has been recording everything funny and I need to fix it up! But for now I have been really feeling like doing one of these:

- 30 Day Shred... I need to do an entire post about this but the other day I tried it out and realised how unfit I was and spent the next 2 days with such painful legs... but I started this again today (even got the bf to try it out) and I am ready to do it for 30 days and lose weight!
- Europe... I am currently organising my trip to Denmark in June/July, I am coming for 3 weeks or so to visit my Bf's family/friends but can not come all the way there without visiting the UK to shop in London!
- Uni... this has started again and it is time to knuckle down for my last year of uni and graduate.
- New job... I now work in telemarketing and it is such a fun job! It is relaxed and there is potential to make a lot of money! (for makeup and lush?)

- Laziness... no time for that with uni/work/shredding.
- Old job... goodbye retail.
- Meat and dairy... I have been vegan now for 6 months... I love it!

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