Monday, March 8, 2010

Night in for one

Hello lovelies!


Once a week I try to dedicate a night to myself and pamper myself silly! I try to do this on a Sunday night so I feel refreshed and beautified for the week ahead of me.

This night includes a lovely bath, ensuring those legs are shaved, those feet and fingers are looking sharp, skin is looking beautiful and probably the hair is nice and shiny too.

I like to first run myself a lovely Lush bath. I have so many Lush products that it is really time to use them up before I allow myself to purchase anymore!

Here are the Lushies I pulled out last night:

I run my warm bath and crumble in a bubble bar to create oozing amounts of foamy bubbles! Choice of the night was my leftover pieces of Ma Bar... a very chocolatey scented bubble bar with a little square of brown sugar in the middle. I threw in my L'il Lush Pud from X-Mas which smelt so yummy!

The Therapy bar was rubbed all over as a moisturizer after stepping out and I used the sugar scrub after shaving my legs. Mini review below!

Now I have had two of these babies in my Lush collection for a couple of months and they had remained untouched until last night. This one smells divine, like Strawberry Feels Forever Massage bar, but sadly its Limited Edition. I only crumbled off a small amount (think chocolate in a box sized) and this was great for my legs and for a little everywhere else too. Warning! This is VERY abrasive and I recommend that if you have sensitive skin, you should let it dissolve a little first!

So beneath is my little "kit" I use for pampering the face. I like to have a face mask on when I am in the bath but before hand I must prep for it! I ex-foliate using some great ex-foliating gloves (these babies are amazing, really going to rub off any dead skin) and use a cleanser of my choice (Coal Face by Lush) and then I put on my mask on and wash it off some point in the bath!

Last but not least I like to give myself a little pedicure while in the bath. At the end (only because I don't want to spend the entire bath sitting amongst my floating unwanted foot skin... ew) I use both the Ped-Egg and the Corn Plane to remove dead skin on my heels. My skin is usually nice and soft and it comes off easily and the flakes aren't making a mess! Off course when your feet are dry use a good moisturizer on them! I LOVE this one by The Body Shop. Smells lovely and is very creamy. 

To end the night, paint your fingers and toes and feel fab! Oh and if you want do a hair treatment too! 

Do you girls ever have these pamper nights? I think they are well deserved as a woman (or a man, I did get my BF to use a Lush toner tab... hehehe)!



  1. I love pamper evenings! On saterday afternoon i gave myself a mini facial, waxed my eyebrows did a body shop face peel and i felt fab afters! :)

  2. Absolutley!! I do this every friday night, usually because I am so exhausted after a week of work! It's so nice to do these things for ourselves both physically and mentally :)
    How's the ped egg? Does it live up to the hype?

  3. Ohh I have that lushie salt scrub too and agree it's very abrasive but smells absolutely devine! How great are the white chocolate eyes!!

    Do you have Strawberry Feels Forever? I love that bar!!

    I'm a bit of a Lush addict too :)