Sunday, June 27, 2010

Europe Hauling: Scarves

Some scarves I have picked up from various places while on my trip.
I think scarves can make an outfit. It is like a statement necklace. You can spice it up with a scarf.
Whats your favourite way to wear them?

These two are gorgeous and were cheap from Primark. I picked up both variations as I know I will wear them a lot! Florals have become a staple for me.

If you saw one of my previous posts about stripes then you know I have been going crazy for them! Whatever oppurtunity I get! This particular scarf from H&M is long and wide and I love the navy instead of black.

This one is not from a store named "Somewhere in London" but was purchased by my boyfriend while he was visiting there recently. It says London all over it in different colours and I think it is definitely unisex. He borrows some of my scarves and I shall borrow his.

Yet another floral print but this one a little brighter. It was just as cheap as the ones from Primark and has cute tassles hanging from it. Very feminine and a perfect Summer scarf.

Where do you find cute scarves from? I think I need to get myself and Alexander McQueen one next.

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