Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple and Classy - Stripes

Fashion blogs have become a new favourite thing of mine. I spend so much time at work with Bloglovin' open and searching for new blogs. I have since come across these two girls blogs and have found a fashion trend - stripes. They wear scarves, cardigans, tops and more all with this similar pattern. Click their photos to be taken to their blogs, the photos are from their blogs.


So these are my finds from my lunch break shopping today.

This cardigan is beautiful. It is long in the front and can be tied up or left loose. Because it is baggy the sleeves are tight which adds a nice balance. 
The detail in the back makes this so pretty and feminine. 
Temt: $19.95


This dress, a little too short to wear on its own for my liking but beautiful to wear with tights and a black cardigan. This one has the pretty detailing in the front.
Temp: Sale for $14.95


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