Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation in Copenhagen

At the moment I am on holiday in Copenhagen! I have been in Europe for a week now and I love it here! I made a quick stop over in London for one night to do some shopping with the lovely Sabrina. I have a couple of posts coming to show you purchases from Primark and H&M.

I am leaving tomorrow for a week long trip to the Roskilde music festival where I will be camping for a week and watching lots of live bands. To be honest, camping is not my thing. I have never done it and this is going to be a tough week! Luckily its not too far to come back here and shower and refresh. This means posts for the next week are going to be scheduled. I have been having a great time fixing up the blog layout and getting posts up while being on holiday! I have so much more time! As for You Tube, at the moment it is a bit hard to update but I have SO many videos planned!

I will leave you with some pictures...

The boyfriends cat looking at the Summer view from the balcony. Such a cute moment.

Myself and Nic at Bonfire night, a little bit cool out.

Cute sail boats and canoes in Denmark.


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